Tuesday, September 30, 2014

hey i'm back

yes i'm back. after 2 years i'm back. 

well within 2 years many things had happened, either positive or negative.. well i'm still kicking here. perhaps this is the right time to write again, everybody now just rather to update status on social medias as that's the fastest and convenient way to write. well as for me, conventionally blogging is the best part : well u could write as many as possible without limitations aite? 

ahh september already.. another less than 3 months to go before 2014 ending up. like seriously why so fast meh? hahaha. well time flies pretty fast as for me. i still can't sum up how 2014 is about. basically...ermmmm...we'll see by the end on december 2014 hehehehe.

meanwhile, as for my come back (ala2 retis gituh), i'm sharing this song with you. mun jak ada orang baca blog aku hahahaha. enjoy ya! see you around! 

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